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Watch world cup online streaming in live TV sport channel from all over the world. Free 24 hours a day for football or soccer TV channels live on your computer. The 2014 FIFA World Cup comes to Brazil, Live online World Cup streaming quarter-final, semi-final, and final.

The next schedule for qualification FIFA World Cup 2014 will start on 1st June 2012. About 84 matches will be played on the next June, don't miss to watch your favorite team. See the date and time of match shedule for qualification FIFA World Cup 2014 bellow (in Kuwait time zone):

On the second day of June 2012, qualification FIFA World Cup 2014 showing matches from 30 countries :

and then 12 matches qualification World Cup 2014 scheduled on 3rd and 4rd June :

If your favorite team come from Asian countries, don't miss their matches on the eight June 2012 :

Some of African countries will play the match of qualification FIFA World Cup 2014 on the nine June

Next on 10 to 13 June 2012 you will watch 20 matches of qualifying football World Cup 2014 from the following countries :

After that, the qualification's schedule of FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 will continue on September 2012. All the schedule of foodball world Cup above was taken from FIFA official website.


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